Fir Stand Railroad

Fir Stand Railroad
An update
Life has a way of getting hectic for no discernable reason and as such, I have not been able to work on this project (well, all projects honestly) for close to 2 months now. To add on another layer of excitement, there doesn't appear to be any let up on my end so life might push this into a 3 month unplanned break. It's very frustrating and I'd really like it if the universe stopped sucking for 2 minutes at this point. 😿

So what does this mean for uploads? Nothing!
Well... Okay, fine, there will be no interruption until September as that's when the queue runs out (barring a few retroactive images I need to scan for the end plates).

"But it's April!" yes, but even so I'll have one heck of a time playing catch-up trying to keep 2 parts ahead so who even knows if uploads will be back by September. 

Talk about a downer for a one year update post. 😹
by RReno