Fir Stand Railroad

Fir Stand Railroad
Any extra information pertaining to the world of the Station (perpetually under a work in progress because I am slow).

Rough and dirty glossary (to be worked on at some point when I get access to an actual computer and not a phone)
  • The Station = A large terraformed complex built off the Lurdal homeworld by the Lurdal.
  • Fir Stand Rail Road = The leading public transit system on the Station, not solely composed of the rails.
  • Can-Gov = Canlinet Government, the leading representative governmental body for the Canlinet peoples and their wards on the Station.
  • Canlinet = "Two Tails," a fennec fox appearing people with extreme sexual dimorphism.
  • Lurdal = "Salamander," tall monstrous looking people that originally built the Station.
  • Novaless = A hexapodal people with a society like that of 12th century Europe with highly advanced mathematics.
  • Ovat = A baboon like people that grow bony protusions with a society like that of 17th century Europe.